Superman: Doomsday (2007)

June 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

The Death of Superman was a multi-issue comic story in the early nineties, covering a number of issues, involving Superman’s tremendous battle with a monster known as Doomsday. In short, the two of them beat each other to death, and as it happened to go on sale at a slow news time, the media picked up on it and it somehow struck a nerve with people. Comic book stores had lineups around the block.

Warner now launches a series of stand-alone, independent animated superhero films with Superman: Doomsday, a pretty terrifically entertaining, if much shortened, adaptation of the story. Comic book fans have given the film the poorest ratings, not happy with changes to the story, but apparently there simply wasn’t time for everything, as Warner animated films are required to be and hour and fifteen minutes. The comic actually stopped publishing briefly, before bringing back a series of pseudo-Supermen as possible replacements (none of whom turned out to be the real thing) and as far as I can tell, it’s mainly that long prelude to the return that’s left out in the film.

Without the expectation that this will be some kind of utterly faithful adaptation of the comic, this is hugely enjoyable. Great animation and good performances, and not one but two really long slam-dunk action sequences I found at least as entertaining as anything in any live-action superhero film. So in short, comic book fans should brace themselves for something only loosely based on the comic, while more casual fans of Superman can kick back and enjoy a really entertaining ride.


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