From Here to Eternity (1953)

June 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

Back when the world was black and white, the war reached a place called Pearl Harbour.  But first, you see some men and women.  Frank Sinatra is small and tough and Burt Lancaster is big and tough and Montgomery Clift is sensitive and tough.  Women walk by and the men say things like “Woo woo!”  Men also say things like “Anybody does any killin’ around here, I’ll do it.”  Men get drunk.  Women watch them.  Both men and women talk, and everyone has a little piece of pain.  The women and men kiss, and there are violins, sometimes lots of violins.  Sometimes men and women get along.  Sometimes they don’t.  One man and one woman go to a beach where there are waves and lots of violins and they pose in front of each other like tense deer.  They are happy at the beach and then they are sad at the beach.  

Some men are cruel and some men are pretty darn OK and just play the harmonica or whatever.  And, it’s a pretty darn sad world when the cruel ones get ahead.  In the final ten minutes or so the enemy invades, and even our best stock footage doesn’t stop them.  Burt Lancaster stands around with a machine-gun on his hip like it’s a giant, well… you know.   And me?  I just felt I’d spent my evening watching an overrated film, because I knew the part already about the cruel ones getting ahead sometimes, and I thought the violins were a bit much.  But Frank was good.  Good job, Frank.


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