Once (2007)

November 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

I wonder if the term “organic musical” makes any sense, in terms of describing a musical that has naturally occurring music instead of… well, you know, hundreds of people on the street suddenly grabbing umbrellas to dance with, and breaking into song with a tune that comes out of nowhere.

Once is such an organic musical, as it’s the story of a busker on the streets of Dublin who meets a woman who inspires him, and for a while they team up as musical talents and produce an album. That’s it, that’s the story. What’s great about the film is the low-budget charm, the sincere performances, the not entirely  predictable storyline (and, I’m not revealing here if they become romantically involved, you’ll have to see the film) the excellent music that takes up about half the film, and as I’ve said, the fact that it blends perfectly into the film.

I suspect the title refers to those times that the tides sweep a few people together to accomplish something or at least inspire each other to feel differently somehow, and then sweep them away again… just as chance allowed an indie filmmaker to produce a little gem with an obscure cast of actors that will likely never work together again.  A film like Once only happens once in a while.


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